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As my kids returned to school this week, and the busy fall photography season is starting (September and October are my busiest newborn photography months!), I am playing catch up with my blog posts. It is a very long shot, I know, as I am two years behind on posting my favorites from clients sessions. Yet, I am an optimist! So, here is a throwback to a beautiful newborn session from 2015! This little man arrived to the studio with his own sports gear, and looks like he enjoyed his very first photo session! I wonder if he is now getting into baseball or football!

arlington va newborn photographer_chasing moments

If you like my newborn photography work and if you are expecting in 2017 or 2017 (I am now booking clients with due dates into February 2018!) please email me at or call me (202) 251-6368 to schedule your newborn session.

Dear Friends,

I finally got around to putting together my annual collage of my favorite pictures of newborn babies I had the privilege to photograph in 2016. I know that a lot goes into consideration when parents choose me as their newborn photographer. As my business has grown over the years, and as I have grown as a photographer over the years, I have come to learn and realize that one of their most important considerations is trust. Yes, trust. New mommies and daddies trust me not just to photograph their tiny newborn, but, more importantly – they trust me with their baby for the 2-3 hours that I get to be his or her photographer.  Trust. I am the one they get to trust with their newborn. I get to hold, swaddle, snuggle, soothe, settle, clean up, feed, burp, and, ultimately, pose for pictures. So, from the bottom of my heart, I want to say a huge THANK YOU to all my newborn clients. Thank you for trusting me to care for your baby while he or she is in my hands for the newborn session.  Please know that your baby’s safety and comfort are always my top priority (way above pictures and poses).

Phew! So, before I start tearing up, here they are – newborns of 2016! <3

newborn photographer fairfax herndon_web

If you like my newborn photography work and if you are expecting in 2017 (I am now booking into August of 2017!) please email me at or call me (202) 251-6368 to schedule your newborn session.

With love,

Olga/Chasing Moments Photography

You may have seen this handsome little man as part of my website slideshow – this picture of baby J. is among my favorite newborn pictures ever! I love everything about it – the pose, the sweet baby, the way the hat fits him just right, and the bright yellow, imho, exudes everything bright, sunny and happy about the world around us. Any color scientists among us? What say you?

Mommy and daddy received a newborn session as a gift, and they even brought their own “hot air balloon” setup with them (which was so awesome to photograph! I love adding custom touches and personalizing the sessions in ways that are meaningful to parents!). They ended up loving all the pictures from the session, which makes me one happy photographer! Here we go, Baby J (who is probably now an active toddler, keeping his mommy and daddy super busy)! herndon newborn photographer

If you like my newborn photography work and if you are expecting in 2016 or 2017 (I am now booking clients with due dates into February 2017!) please email me at or call me (202) 251-6368 to schedule your newborn session.

Is it too early to start thinking about Valentine’s Day?! I know, I know! First, we are all looking forward toward fall foliage (awesome here in Northern Virginia), pumpkin flavored everything, hay rides, fall festivals, Halloween and possibly even a mini session or two with your favorite family photographer ;)  In any case! I came across this beautiful session from last Valentine’s Day (Yes, 2015! I am a year and a half behind on blogging!) in my storage and realized I haven’t shared it yet! I love it so! This sweet little boy’s due date was February 14, so Mom brought this awesome bow and arrow set for her little Cupid, and we also incorporated red and blue (for Superman). And don’t get me started on how much I love the family shots from this session – just perfect!

Okay, enough bragging, enjoy the pictures and, by the way, I am totally buying some very cute Valentine’s props for 2017 (and, yes, I am now officially booking into February 2017!!!!!)

newborn photographer falls church nova

I do not post examples of older newborn sessions (done for for babies between about 4-5 weeks of age and 3 months old), so here is an example! Older newborn sessions are different in their dynamic, flow and the type of images I aim to get as compared to traditional newborn sessions (done for babies under about 2-3 weeks old), but they do result in beautiful photos. Just look at this sweet little lady! At around 3 months old, not only did she let me capture some awesome tummy time and held her head up perfectly, she also did beautifully for family pictures and pictures with mommy and daddy, AND she rocked a couple of outfit changes AND then she fell asleep so peacefully that I could get some sleepy shots!

older newborn photography in northern virginia

Whereas my studio mostly focuses on newborn photography, I do take a limited number of older newborn sessions! So, if for some reason you did not get around to doing sleepy, posed portraits of your newborn baby, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get beautiful pictures after the 2-3 week mark. Please send me an email at for older newborn session availability and information, I’d love to hear from you!

Sweet baby Lorelei saw me for a short newborn mini session last winter, and I can’t believe I haven’t posted these beautiful images until now. She didn’t want to miss anything during her newborn session (see that wide awake smile she is giving me?) but we did get some gorgeous sleepy shots. My favorite is the one with her “lovey”! newborn photographer in fairfax va

Thought I’d share my favorites from a newborn stock sessions I photographed last year.  Logistically, newborn stock sessions are identical to how I would work with private newborn clients. The only difference is that I need to make sure to not use any logos, commercial brands, or proprietary designs as part of the session because the final images would be available for commercial usage by print publications, online designers, and product developers around the world. World, meet baby N, who was a rock star model for his first commercial photo session!

reston newborn photographer_web

Dear friends, this year I had an amazing and humbling opportunity to meet over 100 newborn babies for their first photo shoot. Thank you, my wonderful newborn clients of 2015, for trusting me with your precious babies! I am so honored and happy you chose me to be your newborn photographer, and I hope you’ll find a lifetime of love and enjoyment looking at your baby’s newborn pictures.

By way of a recap, here are some of my favorites from 2015! I am hoping to see many of these little ones grow return for their sitting, rolling, crawling, 1-year cake smash and other milestone sessions!
2015 newborns_web_sizeIf you like my newborn photography work and if you are expecting in 2016 (I am now booking into June of 2016!) please email me at or call me (202) 251-6368 to schedule your newborn session.

Have a very Happy New Year!

With love,

Olga/Chasing Moments Photography

Beware, a huge overshare (keep scrolling, there are four sets of images)!

Baby L is one of my last newborn sessions of 2015, so I thought it would be a great way to wrap up blogging for this year by showcasing the best and my most favorite images from his session. Sessions like his are very representative of my current style and looks I love – clean, simple, timeless, focusing on Baby and a couple of factors most meaningful and important to the family (notice the subtle winter and Christmas theme and the few images with elements of Dad’s military background).

alexandria va newborn photographer_01

And – yes – these are all images from a single newborn session, it was about 3 hours, and we got a full set of shots on the blue blanket, with three props, and with mommy and with daddy and with both parents. Baby L. was a dream sleeper and I am so happy with the end results – there is plenty of variety in terms of posing and looks, yet it all looks consistent and the pictures go well together! alexandria va newborn photographer_02 alexandria va newborn photographer_03 alexandria va newborn photographer_04

If you like my work and want a photo session for your newborn baby, please contact me at  or call me to get more information and to schedule your session! I have years of experience photographing newborns and babies and I guarantee you’ll love the photos! For more examples of my work, please see newborn galleries on my website:

This post is for moms. Whether this is your first baby or your fourth, I want you to read this before your baby’s first photo shoot.

Chances are, you are sleep deprived, feeding your little one every 2-3 hours. You are also probably tired thinking about and taking care of the million little things that need to be done between the feedings. You are also recovering from the delivery and handling all the emotional and physical changes in your body. All in all, you may not be feeling quite picture perfect, rested and refreshed, and you may not be wanting to be in the photos with your baby.  I am saying this not to put a damper on motherhood and those precious first days with Baby. It’s just my way of saying “I hear you! I know what it feels like!” and “It’s okay” because, realistically, many new moms know what I am talking about. preparing for a newborn sessions_for moms_01

So, if you are not feeling picture-perfect before your Baby’s first photo session and if you are not sure if you want to be in front of the camera, please consider this.

I have photographed hundreds of newborns with their parents. I use flattering angles, poses, composition and lighting to help you look your best. I will pose you, so you don’t have to worry about it.

preparing for a newborn sessions_for moms_02

I will help you adjust your hair, hide your bra strap and smooth out wrinkles on your shirt before taking the shot. Basically, I will be there not only as your photographer but as your girl friend who wants you to look your best. I will also say silly things to keep the conversation light and do everything I can to help you feel your great, happy, beautiful self in front of the camera.

preparing for a newborn sessions_for moms_14

I will help you position and hold your Baby just the right way, so you don’t have to worry about that in advance.

preparing for a newborn sessions_for moms_10

You can bring your make up to the studio and take some time to powder your nose while I am photographing your Baby (this way, you don’t have to rush to do make up at home), and you can bring a special shirt for pictures and put it on for a few minutes of “on camera” time (and hang out in your sweats and your ‘cozy’ shirt during the remainder of the session).

preparing for a newborn sessions_for moms_13

So, if you are in doubt, let’s take some pictures with you in them and then you can decide if you want to order any prints or not – ultimately, it is you choice. But this way, there won’t be any regrets down the road about not being in the shot with your newborn Baby.

preparing for a newborn sessions_for moms_11

I absolutely understand that there are many valid reasons to focus a newborn session on Baby only. I just do not want the reasons above (sleep deprivation, exhaustion, not feeling your best, etcetera) to be one of them.

Please feel free to email me at or comment here with any thoughts and ideas you have on the topic! I’ll be happy to elaborate on this post to include helpful links and expert suggestions or personal stories.

On a personal note, I do not have any portraits of myself with either of my boys when they were newborns (oh, the irony!). The couple I do have when they were a little older are among my most treasured possessions from their baby-hood. So, going back and taking pictures with my newborn baby boys would rank high on my to-do list if I had a time machine!

If the above makes sense to you, if you have been thinking in the back of your mind that you will have other things to worry about when Baby is born and you did not want to do a newborn session because it may be “too much”, but you are now may be changing your mind – get in touch with me! Email me at to book your session and I promise-promise-promise, these pictures will be lifelong treasures.

Email me to book and with any questions:





I offer two types of newborn sessions to my clients: newborn “mini” sessions and newborn “full” sessions. Here is what you need to know when making a decision to book one over the other.

1. Duration: “Mini” sessions are shorter and last about 1.5-2 hours as compared to 2.5-3 hours, on average, for full newborn sessions. Please keep in mind that these time frames are average (for example, a “full” newborn session can only last 1-1.5 hour if Baby is very sleepy and we can achieve all the looks fast, whereas a “mini” session may go all the way to 2 hours and possibly even past that).

2. Main focus of the session: “Mini” sessions are designed as a special time to focus on Baby only so Mom and Dad sit back and relax during Baby’s first photo session while I work my magic photographing their little one to create beautiful memories of his or her baby-hood. “Full” sessions are split between photographing Baby and taking family shots and shots with mommy and daddy alone.

3. Number of setups: “Mini” sessions include 2-3 setups while “full” sessions include 4-5 setups plus shots with parents and siblings. A “setup” is either a (a) blanket for achieving poses similar to the ones in this gallery, (b) a prop such as crates, benches, or bowls as in this gallery, or (c) wrapped shots on blankets or furs or in props. There are considerations of pose transitions, prop transitions and sequencing when planning for either session, and they have a distinct rhythm and flow.

fairfax newborn photographer_014. Size of the proof gallery: Naturally, shorter sessions with fewer setups result in smaller proof galleries, and “full” newborn sessions on average yield twice more images in the proof gallery to order from. I guarantee about 20-25 images in the proof gallery for mini sessions, and about 40-45 images for full sessions.

5. Scheduling: Full sessions are longer and take more time to retouch and deliver to show clients. Consequently, they take up more time on my schedule and are more difficult to fit in last minute. I commonly pre-book “full” sessions for months in advance. Mini sessions, on the other hand, are much easier to schedule and chances are I will almost always find a time in my schedule to fit one in. In any case, I urge you to always drop me a line (just fill out a contact form here) to see if I am available for a last minute session. If you are interested in a “full” session, I may be able to fit you in if my other scheduled newborn clients arrive a bit before or a bit after their due date and I have an opening in my calendar.

6. Turnaround: Usually, since mini sessions are shorter and I have fewer photos to touch up and set up in the gallery, I deliver them to clients for viewing and ordering faster. This is not a formal guarantee that I write into my contract, it just happens naturally as a result of my business workflow

7. Commitment of time and effort: Overall, “full” sessions require a greater commitment of time and effort. They are longer, and they imply that both mom and dad arrive to the session, and bring along their outfits for photos, and that Baby’s older siblings cooperate (and that they can skip school on that particular day). Mini sessions are super easy on parents: usually Moms arrive alone with Baby (especially if Dads return to work; no need to worry about doing it alone to bring the car seat, diaper bags, or special items to the studio – I will come out to your car and help you out and to the studio), and they just sit back and relax or take a nap on my couch while I photograph their Baby. No need to pick and coordinate outfits, remember to bring makeup, or bribe siblings for photos. fairfax newborn photographer_02

When clients ask me whether they should choose a full or a mini session, my go-to answer is – “it is a personal choice, and I suggest you choose whatever fits better with your life and your priorities right now”. Many first time parents are overwhelmed, and it is natural for them to just want to focus on the baby (so, yes, I get many “first babies” for newborn mini sessions). Many second-, third-, and fourth-time parents also sometimes choose to go with a newborn “mini” because they are juggling older kids’ schedules and routines, and want to keep their newborn’s session separate from family photos. Many want the convenience of a shorter session, or they want to schedule another session for later when their spouse or other family members are available. Many know for sure that they want to focus on their Baby only and they want the special photo experience to be all about their little one.On the other hand, many first time parents are so excited about their sweet new Baby that they definitely want to be in the pictures with him or her. And for many families with older siblings it is easier to have me take a portrait of the entire family with the baby as well as of pairs and groups (parents with baby, siblings with baby, family all together), so they choose the “full session”.

Everybody’s reasons are unique, and different, and the reason I offer two distinct types of newborn sessions is to meet the needs of my clients.

If you are ready to book your newborn session, email me at with your due date, and of course also feel free if you have any questions, or any ideas to make your session special.

This sweet newborn baby girl was one of my clients from last May, I love the soft pink and beige color scheme we used for the session, and the awake shots are just priceless!

Speaking of “awake” shots, I am always very happy when I get “open eye” shots during newborn sessions. Typically, newborns have not yet fully developed eye coordination, and have difficulty looking straight and focusing on objects or faces immediately in front of them (I am sure pretty much every parent has seen the more common newborn ‘cross-eyed’ look or a ‘sideglance’, which is incredibly sweet and expressive but – I must admit – makes for silly pictures).  Therefore, whereas parents love to get open eye shots during their newborn sessions, they are relatively difficult to “get right”, and it is just pure newborn physiology and nothing your photographer or parents can do about.

alexandria va newborn baby photographer

One of my most popular product offerings are collages. They can be ordered as large or extra large prints or canvases, and they offer an amazing option for clients who are looking to include several images from the shoot within a single wall display without investing in separate wall pieces. When I style photo shoots, I choose colors and setups so they are complementary throughout the entire session so they can subsequently be combined within a single collage or a wall arrangement. They are beautiful and would look great in any part of your home!

Here is an example of a collage for a newborn baby girl from Falls Church, Northern Virginia, who I photographed last May (yes, yes, I am behind on blogging, I know!).  Every client gets to see a few sample arrangements including newborn setups and family shots in their proof gallery.

falls church newborn photographer_01And here is a mockup of what it would look like on a wall (cool, huh?):

newborn baby collage falls church photographer

If you like my work and want a photo session for your newborn baby, please contact me at  or call me at 202-251-6368 to schedule your session! I have years of experience photographing newborns and babies and I guarantee you’ll love the photos! For more examples of my work, please see newborn galleries on my website:

One of the most common things my clients say (as I am frantically trying to fit them into my schedule) is “OMG! I didn’t know I had to book a newborn session so early”! Yes! For example, I am currently booking newborn sessions with due dates into late October (and it is mid-May!).

Here is my take on “when to book a newborn photographer”: I recommend booking as soon as you decide that you want a newborn session and you are past the first trimester. Professional, high quality newborn photography is a niche. Experienced, qualified local newborn photographers are often booked up for months in advance. Think about the process of booking a newborn photographer the same way you would approach booking a wedding photographer! You wouldn’t want to wait until the night before the wedding (or the day of the wedding) to find a wedding photographer, right? Now, I am sure you can probably find a wedding photographer – but, most likely, he or she won’t be exactly what you are looking for in terms of style, photography, quality of work, experience and expertise as well as pricing. Same logic applies to hiring a newborn photographer! Newborn photography is at least as important as wedding photography; having a newborn is truly a once-in-a-lifetime event, whether you are looking to photograph your first baby or your fourth!

Ashburn Newborn Photographer_01

So, if you are pregnant and you want to capture your baby’s newborn-ness, get online and research local newborn photographers! Some keywords I suggest are “newborn photography studio” or “professional newborn photographer” coupled with where you are located – either your city/town name, or, if you live in a metropolitan area, your general area name or a county name (For example, I am in Reston, so clients looking for a “Reston newborn photographer”, or a “Fairfax county newborn photographer” or a “Northern Virginia newborn photographer” will find me with ease). If you search for more generic and less precise terms, you will come up with results that are not as relevant (for example, “baby pics” or “newborn photos” without further specifying the location or that you are looking for a photographer).

I also strongly encourage you to try and get an understanding for different styles of the portfolios you are looking at. Are you looking for a “lifestyle”, unposed portraiture? Or are you looking for a more deliberate, traditional, posed session? I would recommend doing the former on location or at your home, and the latter at the photographer’s studio where there are plenty props, blankets and necessary equipment. Just remember, newborn photography is not all the same! With this in mind, do your best to figure out your “likes” and “dislikes” and contact the photographers whose work you love and admire. And, hopefully, book one of them!

Ashburn Newborn Photographer_02

Here is a little bit of my own behind-the-scenes workflow when booking newborn clients: I only book a certain limited number of newborn clients per time period (based on my overall weekly/bi-weekly/monthly commitments) to allow for scheduling, session time, editing, ordering and working with each client individually. Once I book that “certain number” of newborn clients, I close my calendar to booking newborn clients for that time frame. I recommend scheduling newborn sessions within about 2 weeks of birth for the sleepy, posed, curled up images similar to the ones in my galleries.

This said, I always encourage last-minute clients to contact me and see if I have an opening! As we know, babies almost never arrive on their due dates. Quite often they arrive somewhat before or well after their due date and when that happens I have a last minute opening in my schedule and I can take a last-minute client!

Ashburn Newborn Photographer_03If you like my work and want a photo session for your newborn baby, please contact me at  or call me at 202-251-6368 to schedule your session! I have years of experience photographing newborns and babies and I guarantee you’ll love the photos! For more examples of my work, please see newborn galleries on my website:

These days, farthest corners of the world have become reachable due to advances of modern technology. We can connect people from around the world via online video and chat rooms, we can “visit” far away places via a virtual tour from the comfort of your home, and we can travel faster and farther than ever before in human history. Unfortunately, while trying to reach out, explore and connect with places and people around the globe, we often forget to truly get to know “our” corner of the world better. So, as a reminder to look around and get to know local people and communities  just a little better, today’s blog post shares a couple of things that happened to me recently.  (Accompanied, of course, by beautiful pictures of baby E. from Fairfax from a newborn session last spring. )

fairfax baby photographer_01Last month, on a flight from Denver to Washinton DC, as I got to my seat (one of the two in the emergency exit row), I thought I knew the man seated next two me. Obviously, the first thing that came out of my mouth was “Hi, have I photographed you before?” Which, in hindsight, was probably a pretty creepy conversation starter. So, naturally, the guy looked at me like I was crazy and said “No.” At that point, seeing how we were sort of stuck sitting next to each other for the next three hours, I continued to “stalk” him: “Do you have kids? Do you have a new baby by any chance?” (This too must have sounded pretty sketchy). Long story short, turns out I photographed his first daughter when she was born three years ago, I photographed his new baby girl last year, and I also saw the kids at the studio for their seasonal photos. Of course, he came along to both newborn sessions, and of course he had the pictures I took of his kids as screensavers and background on his phone and his facebook!! So, during the flight, we carried on a little bit of small talk and I got to learn some pretty amazing little things about him and his family. To me, it was also quite curious to realize that it took an accidental encounter across the country to get a tiny-teeny glimpse into who he is, what he does and what he likes.

fairfax baby photographer_02

Here is another encounter that got me wondering about how truly little we know about the people who surround us in our daily lives. I was on the phone getting more information about registering my son for kindergarten. A few minutes into the conversation the lady on the other end of the line said, “Olga! Is that you? Do you live on such-and-such street?” Low and behold, I was talking to my next door neighbor!!! How truly little did I know about the person living next door to me! Sure enough, we never really talked about anything (other than an occasional chit-chat about the weather or plants in front of the house). And now, turns out, she works at my son’s future school and I”ll be seeing her at his kindergarten orientation!

fairfax baby photographer_03

This said, I really hope to encourage myself to make more meaningful connections with people around me (whether they are clients, or neighbors, or mommy friends)!

World, meet Baby J. at 9lb, 13 days old. He is a handsome little (well, not so little at 9lb!) man with red hair and blue eyes, and I suspect he is going to be a little heart-breaker 😉

Thank you mama for finding me and bringing your family in today and trusting me with the photo session, and thank you daddy and big sister for being so wonderful and patient during the session.

chasing moments newborns_april2015

Oh, and small world, turns out his mama knows another newborn client of mine who I photographed not too long ago. Speaking of “small world”, I’ll be posting a fun story on the blog tomorrow about how I ran into one of my clients a few weeks ago!

As part of my “meaningful blogging” effort, I am launching a “Common Questions Answered” series, which will address some of the common questions I get from prospective newborn photography clients (and, of course, I will still continue showcase ll the sweet babies I work with!). Hopefully, this will help out both new mamas/mommies-to-be as well as newborn photographers seeking opinions on some of these questions. So, here we go, an inquiry I received last week from somebody interested in newborn pictures:

“I just want to come in and get one picture with my  newborn baby taken. I only want one, and I don’t need a long session or any prints. It will only take 5 minutes. Do you offer something like that?”

My Answer: Unfortunately, in case of this inquiry, I suggested that I may not be the best fit for what this client was looking for. Whereas I offer a couple of different types of newborn photography sessions (depending on what clients are looking for), they all involve a session lasting from 1 to 3 hours, session preparation, and a gallery of proofs for clients to choose from and place their order. Sessions are structured so as to create a set of visually consistent, yet varied, images to capture Baby’s fleeting newborn features and/or Baby with his or her loving parents and siblings. So, unfortunately, the request for a brief session to take one picture is just not consistent with my style and approach to newborn photography.

The Long Explanation: There is a very practical, meaningful explanation “why” I will not do a “quick 5-minute session” to take “just one picture”.

1. It is a different business model, and not the one I chose for Chasing Moments Photography. There are photography studios (mostly, walk-in chain photography studios) that will do a quick session for a low “sitting fee” where clients (most likely right there and then) can view a couple of pictures and purchase them.  The “short session and a couple of pictures” business model relies on higher client flow, cheaper prices, and an almost instant product delivery, which is exactly what some clients are looking for. (The downside is that  it can also oftentimes results in hurried sessions, photographers not trained to handle and pose/soothe newborns, and sub-par images – think, a quick session during which you have an upset, crying newborn, which results in a couple of pictures where Baby doesn’t look relaxed or peaceful). My business model, in contrast, relies on a personalized, custom approach, and I view each session as a way to create treasured, heirloom images suitable for framing and wall art to be displayed in clients’ homes for generations. The philosophy behind this business model is different: I take time work with each client to understand their likes and priorities and to prepare them for the session; I take time during the session to capture their Baby in the most beautiful way possible (while allowing ample time for feedings, soothing, and clean ups), and I work with each client after the session on retouching and ordering. So, it is a process resulting in a gallery of custom images.

arlington newborn photographer_01

2. The commitment of time and effort for a “quick session-one image” appointment is still quite considerable, and it’s not really quite as “quick” as one hopes to believe and it does not imply a cheaper session and cheaper images. I would still need to charge a premium session fee and image fee to reflect that. No matter the length of the session, each “newborn” client involves:

(a) time and effort before each session:  studio setup time; clean blanket and prop preparation, selection and setup; client communication and consultations (this is anywhere from 2-3 hours)

(b) at least a 30-60 minute session time even for a single shot. Trust me, it is never (!) just “5 minutes”. Getting a newborn out of the car seat and changed and soothed and fed if necessary and ready for pictures (as in – a happy, peaceful, quiet, relaxed baby) can take anywhere from 20-45 minutes to an hour – so, you do the math! (so, on average, I would need to set aside at least an hour time for each newborn client – just for the session)

(c) time and effort after the session: clean up and laundry (!!!), image editing (even if it’s still a “quick session for 1 image”, clients still want overall retouching and possibly custom blemish/stray hair removal and other custom touch ups, which can be time consuming), client communication and order processing, and then – order placement and delivery.

So, I hope you see now that it takes time and effort on my part to get even a single beautiful image. (As for parents, all they need to do, is follow some simple instructions and get to the studio with their Baby).

arlington newborn photographer_02

The above images are from a “full newborn session”. Baby Q. came from McLean VA, born in April 2014, and I photographed her at 13 days old.

Honestly speaking, my blog following (the true kind of following when people actually know and remember your posts!) has been close to zero. Miserable performance, to put it mildly. You know why? Well, because my blog has been awfully boring. With a lot of beautiful pictures (yes! I am good at taking beautiful pictures, I am a full time, professional photographer, after all), but – still – boring! Over the last few weeks, I think I developed an understanding “why.”

Two weeks ago, I returned from a 5-day landscape photography workshop in Northern Arizona, which brought about many new thoughts and ideas and got me to revisit many old ones, both on a personal and a professional level. It may not have seemed like it at the time of the workshop, but it was truly enlightening, in a “spiritual journey” kind of way. In preparation for the workshop, I had spent much time researching landscape photography and reading travel and nature photographers’ blogs and websites. Then, during and after the workshop, armed with the knowledge and experience of shooting my own images, I researched other photographers’ work from the same locations (among them, the inspirational articles and beautiful imagery by the workshop instructor Don Smith and his workshop co-instructor Gary Hart).

And I made a stunning (Yes! It was stunning to me!) discovery about the way nature and landscape photographers blog and write about their images. Every image has a story! Every image entails an adventure, a thoughtful process that’s put into making that image, a physical journey, a mental pre-visualization of what it would look like after the shutter clicks, and a personal connection to a specific point in the photographer’s life. Every image has so much to say for itself! Therefore, landscape photographers have it easy when it comes to blogging – they actually do have stories to tell!

meaningful photography blogging_02

Now, what about me? I am a newborn, baby and child photographer (and when I blog, I tend to sound like a hard-to-read SEO robot too). Since I am mostly a studio photographer, day in and day out I go to my photography studio (which is located in Reston, same wonderful little town where I live, so it’s not much of a journey getting there). I meet wonderful families who trust me with their “once in a lifetime” memories. My job involves a lot of love (yes! love! photography is only a small part of it) and a lot of holding, soothing, and photographing their newborns and their very little ones. Many of these same wonderful families come back to me over the years and I photograph their little ones growing up, first as babies, and then as sweet, curious, rambunctious toddlers. I love being part to this “circle of life”. It is the reason why I do what I do, why I love newborn and baby and child photography so much. All the littles I meet are beautiful, unique, sweet and precious. Absolutely precious. Each and every single one of them. When I work with them, I love them and care about them as if they were my own. I play with the toddlers, and notice the newborns’  beautiful little details – skin folds, long lashes, ten little fingers and toes, baby cheeks – the way their mommies and daddies do! And I try to capture them, as if I were a parent trying to capture my own child – so I can remember all these sweet precious, fleeting, little details forever meaningful photography blogging_03

northern virginia newborn photographer

Yet, when I get to blogging these sessions and the beautiful images from them, I feel like I hit this giant wall and end up with the same old adage. (“Just look at this beautiful baby, awww! We put this cute pink hat (blue hat, baby tie – insert whatever accessory was used) on and (s)he was so cute. Don’t you just love it? And then we put her/him in this crate, and it just looked gorgeous”.)

You know what I mean? You’ve probably read the same variation of all my blog posts on most other newborn and child photographer’s blogs. It is a failing attempt to render in words just how beautiful that one sweet Baby is, and how truly special these images will be to his/her mommy and daddy will be forever and ever. It doesn’t sound personal, memorable or unique.  There is really no story, no adventure, no unique emotion in these blog posts. (Not like in an “I got up at 2am, drove to the mountains, hiked for two hours, and photographed this breathtaking sunrise on the mountain top” (well, actually, now that I wrote it – it sounds like a cliche too…). These words are average, common and boring. So is my blog. And if you are a photographer struggling to blog the way I struggle – you know exactly what I mean.

All in all, it has been a sort of a liberating growth, and I am coming out on this end of this “spiritual journey” with a firm set of new rules and commitments about photography and writing. I will no longer be the “meaningless blogger” writing for SEO or sneak peeks or just to “keep the blog fresh”. I want to be a meaningful blogger who writes honestly both for prospective clients and for other photographers. Let me repeat – I want to be a “meaningful” writer. I want to write what’s on my mind. What truly happens during sessions. What crazy amount of work and preparation (and laundry!) goes into each session. I want to write about business struggles and client relations. Personal growth and failures. About the good, the bad and the ugly. I will relate to my own life an my own journey as a photographer and a person, a mom, a wife, a friend (oh, believe it or not, but these “personal” topics have been considered taboos by many photographer bloggers too).

So, here’s to the “new me” – the “honest, meaningful” photographer-blogger. Cheers!

I photographed this sweet little lady almost a a year ago, her mommy picked soft pinks as main colors for her newborn photos, which made the session really beautiful and girly and at the same time focused on her beautiful features without much distraction. On a side note, my fave image from this session is “the yawn” (down below towards the end of the post) – I just think yawning shots are so sweet, and I get them with many of my newborns.

woodbridge newborn photographer_01 woodbridge newborn photographer_02

If you like these photos and my style and want a photo session for your newborn baby, please contact me at  or call me at 202-251-6368 to schedule your session! I have years of experience photographing newborns and babies and I guarantee you’ll love the photos! For more examples of my work, please see newborn galleries on my website:

I met this beautiful sweet girl with a beautiful name (“Summer”, how cool is that?) for a newborn “mini session”, and it turned so great that we did more than my usual number of “setups” for a mini session. In addition, I staged a shot (one of my faves to date) using some toys and props her parents brought from her nursery room at home.

chantilly centreville newborn photographer_01 centreville newborn photographer_02