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Sweet baby C. came to see me today for his newborn session, and I adored photographing him! C’s mommy also gave me some interesting ideas about looks and styles to incorporate into newborn sessions, and it really got my wheels turning (let’s just say, I am going fabric shopping!)

alexandria va newborn photographer_1002If you like this picture and want a photo session for your newborn baby, please contact me at  or call me at 202-251-6368 to schedule your session! I have years of experience photographing newborns and babies and I guarantee you’ll love the photos! For more examples of my work, please see newborn galleries on my website:

This sweet baby girl came to see me for her newborn photo session today. At 2.5 weeks old, she is as strong as a newborn baby girl can be – and she is beyond adorable too! Thank you, mommy and daddy for trusting me with your precious little one and I hope you’ll love the photos! Here is a sneak peek while you wait for your gallery 😉

fairfax va newborn photographerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I met this handsome baby boy this morning, he is 13 days new and oh so sweet! Thank you mommy and daddy for bringing him over for his newborn session, we got many beautiful and sweet shots!

chasing moments newborns_0919

If you like this picture and want a photo session for your newborn baby, please contact me at  or call me at 202-251-6368 to schedule your session! I have years of experience photographing newborns and babies and I guarantee you’ll love the photos! For more examples of my work, please see newborn galleries on my website:

Friends, say hello to Mr. M. He is a handsome little newborn baby boy who I met last summer for his newborn session. His mom and dad brought him to my McLean studio, and we photographed a great variety of textures and colors for his session. Don’t you love his little smile? Oh, and the swing shot – I haven’t done the swing shot in a while, but I love it – oh who wants to do the swing shot for their upcoming newborn session?

newborn photography studio

I just photographed this little lady’s 1st birthday cake smash session at my Reston studio, which means I am long overdue for posting photos from her newborn session last summer when I was still in my smaller McLean space. Yes, I am more than a year behind showing my best and favorite newborns. Oh, how time flies  – I promise, I’ll post her cake smash photos soon, and in the meantime – here she is!

best northern virginia newborn photographer

This beautiful little lady came to see me for her newborn mini session today from Annandale. I am so glad I could fit her session in – she was so sweet to photograph! (And her mama is using some secret amazingly smelling baby lotion on her and my studio now smells wonderfully…. !!!)  Don’t you love the shy little smile?

Annandale Baby photographer

World, meet a 13-day-old J.! He is super handsome, and his mommy and daddy brought him over to my Northern Virginia studio from Maryland. I know his mommy is anxious to see a sneak peek, so here we go!

Maryland newborn photographer

A teaser sneak peek for beautiful little Ms. M. who came to see me at my Reston studio from Fairfax. She was super sleepy during her newborn mini session and let me do several beautiful poses and setups. Thanks for bringing her, mommy and daddy and grandma!

fairfax northern virginia newborn photographer

A sneak peek for the beautiful little girlie I met today for her newborn session. Thanks, mommy and daddy (and auntie too!) for driving out from the Haymarket area to my Reston studio to see me!

chasing moments newborns 0612

I met this sweet little lady last summer for her newborn session, I am always behind on blogging, but I am inspired to do better to showcase more of my recent work. After all, how are the clients supposed to see my images if I am not posting them, right?

fairfax newborn photography

Oh, can I just say – I am totally smitten by these two beautiful ladies! Sneak peek for baby E. and her amazing mommy (and E’s daddy and big brother too – who were such real troopers!).

newborn baby girl with mommy - professional studio photo

This was, by the way, shot this past week, at my new Reston studio! Woohoo! More on the studio coming up soon!

This was one of last summer’s session (that’s how behind I am on blogging), and I really liked it and wanted to post it on the blog. I usually ask clients to pick their preferred colors or color scheme for the session, and in this case mommy and daddy picked out colors and accessories that really go well together and we carried the brown-green theme throughout the session. Whereas newborn baby boys don’t have as huge variety of props and accessories to choose from (unlike little girls, who can do headbands, hats, jewelry, tutus, you name it), I always remind my clients that there are tons of beautiful color choices that are great for boys (besides the obvious shades of blue) – brown, gray, green, yellow, off white. When combined with hats or wraps or blankets, they make sessions diverse and fun.


chasing moments photography02 chasing moments photography03 chasing moments photography04a chasing moments photography05 chasing moments photography06 chasing moments photography07b chasing moments photography08 chasing moments photography09 chasing moments photography10 chasing moments photography11

Best Northern Virginia Newborn Photographer

As 2013 is coming to an end, I want to thank all my amazing clients for choosing me as their photographer, trusting me with their precious newborns, family photos and milestone baby sessions! I can’t say enough how lucky and honored I feel to have met so many amazing new clients and friends, and to have seen many of my past clients return! Chasing Moments Photography has had an incredible year – all thanks to my wonderful clients! I have several exciting announcements in store for you in early 2014 (you can stay up to date either via facebook or just check out the newsletter that’ll be coming to your email within a couple of weeks!), and I hope to see you all return for more beautiful photos!

By way of bringing a smile to your face, I’ve been working hard to put together an arrangement of my most favorite newborn photos from 2013! All my 2013 newborns have been SOOOO incredibly amazing,  and I wish them and their families and each and every one of my clients and friends a joyful Holiday Season!



I met little Miss A. back in June, and hers is still one of my most favorite sessions of the year! She was as happy, mellow and sleepy as a newborn can be, and it just melts my heart to see all the beautiful, girlie lavenders and pinks! Oh, and the eyelashes are to die for too! Enjoy the pictures.

burke photographer_04a burke photographer_04 burke photographer_01a burke photographer_01 burke photographer_03b burke photographer_03a burke photographer_03 burke photographer_03aa

Mommy and daddy brought their newborn baby boy to my McLean studio from Sterling, VA, and – oh, isn’t he gorgeous? I especially love that I got to do some shots with green fabric backdrop  – for some reason, clients don’t usually go for “green” and prefer blues, pinks, or  earthy neutral colors to greens and yellows – kudos to mommy, and it looks great!

sterling va newborn photographer_02a sterling va newborn photographer_02b sterling va newborn photographer_02 sterling va newborn photographer_03 sterling va newborn photographer_03a sterling va newborn photographer_01b sterling va newborn photographer_01A sterling va newborn photographer_01

This sweet little man’s mommy and daddy brought him to the studio for his newborn shots a few months ago, and I’m just getting around to posting some of my favorites from the session.

newborn baby asleep on fur blanket newborn baby asleep on white fur professional newborn photography professional newborn photography macro details newborn photographer_alexandria_va_02 newborn photographer_alexandria_va_03

(Ok, I admit, I photographed him back in May, but that’s how behind I am on blogging… will be posting tons more in the next few days!)

Did you know that I am one of the very few photographers out there who offer “older newborn” photo sessions? Most photographers will tell you that they won’t photograph your newborn if he or she is older than 2 or 3 weeks, and will tell you of the so-called “window” during which they can photograph newborns.Let me break this down for you. True, most newborns will “curl up” and “pose” for sleepy shots in the first couple of weeks of life. Within a few short weeks of birth, newborns become a lot more alert and aware of their surroundings, they get stronger and like to stretch out, kick and wiggle! They also sleep less and stay awake more. This, in a nutshell, is the reason “traditional” newborn sessions are done in the first couple of weeks after birth.

I have worked with many “older” newborns (4 weeks and older) to offer special “older newborn” studio sessions, which take into account older babies’ physiology and reflexes and during which I still capture the “newborn” look of your baby and in many cases manage to get a combination of “asleep” and “awake” images. True, with older newborns it’s unlikely that I will deliver traditional curled up asleep poses, but there are still so many wonderful looks, poses and images that can be captured! Here are some examples from an “older newborn” session with a 2-month old baby boy.

If you have a newborn and somebody told you that you can’t get newborn photos done any more just because you missed the magic “window’ – please contact me, and we’ll talk!