Scott Kelby’s World Wide Photo Walk at Claude Moore Park – Test Shots

Hi All,

I am excited to meet all the participants next Saturday morning at Claude Moore Park for the annual Scott Kelby’s World Wide Photo Walk. The official photo walk time frame is 7-9am, we will leave at 7am sharp from the Visitor Center meeting spot.

Yesterday morning I went out to the park thinking to grab a couple of test shots before next weekend and ended up staying a while. I would definitely recommend bringing whatever lenses you have, so you can grab a range of wide angle, macro and telephoto shots (plenty of opportunities for all these at Claude Moore), if you have a polarizing filter – that would definitely be a plus!  Also, this being a morning photo walk (dew and all), I would also suggest wearing water proof hiking boots. Below are some shots from yesterday (all taken with my 35mm prime, probably not the best choice of lens for walking around Claude Moore, but I literally grabbed my camera with whatever lens was on it yesterday morning so that’s what I had to work with).

We will start at 7am, walk around the two fishing ponds (the sunrise is at 7.05, and starting around the fishing ponds will give us an opportunity to catch some sunrise reflections). This is also where I wished I had my telephoto and macro lenses with me.


Then we’ll proceed to the historic buildings behind the ponds. By about 7.30-7.40am you can try to capture sunbursts peeking through the trees and around the historic buildings. This area offers many opportunities for photographing macro, nature details, and interesting textures and scenes with light spilling over through the trees.


There is also some awesome old equipment to photograph…


And don’t forget your tripod!


If you have any follow up questions, feel free to email me at On the morning of the walk you can reach me via cell at 202-251-6368.

See you on Saturday!


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