April 2014: #MyHappy Everyday

Here I am again, with a “my everyday” personal post with some amazing ladies from Light Inspired. For my “April” installment, I chose to share some photos from one of the many walk I took with my boys at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Vienna, VA (my absolute favorite spot for outdoor photos with clients as well). April’s weather was crazy – rain, snow, sunshine – you name it! We were lucky to catch some beautiful cherry blossoms in bloom at Meadowlark before crazy April weather blew them all down. Meadowlark is my absolute favorite outdoor spot in Northern Virginia, all year round, so if you haven’t yet been – do go, it’s gorgeous, relaxing and wonderful.

First off, there is a new “fairies” exhibit at Meadowlark, my boys love it (but, oh, so hard to keep them from grabbing all those amazing tiny houses and creatures!)

nova candid photography_01

What you see on the ground are cherry blossom petals – when cherries are in peak bloom, it looks like it’s snowed pink and white! My little one seriously thought it was snow and told me his feet were getting cold:)Next stop – “let’s go scream in the pots!” nova candid photography_02webI even managed to get a few shots with the boys using a remote shutter release (and a promise of candy and legos at home). nova candid photography_03 nova candid photography_04Stump! The boys saw it and went right over to sit down (and I got in trouble with a Meadowlark associate who told me it was an exhibit and there was absolutely no stomping or sitting allowed among those flowers, and I totally understand… but they were so sweet there that I grabbed a few shots). nova candid photography_05Gorgeous cherry blossoms! nova candid photography_06Two boys running away is all I see when I take them on walks. 99% of my pictures are like that. They are running to the “lake with fishies” (a.k.a. giant orange and pink and white koi fish, turtles, and some other kinds of fish I don’t know – the highlight of every walk). nova candid photography_07The shots below cost me more legos, but so worth it:)The last is probably getting printed as a large canvas for our home. nova candid photography_08

Thanks for checking out my everyday. Now proceed on around the circle to read about Karen Jacot’s  of Karen Jacot Photography every day.

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