I Am Here {October 2013}

All I want is to have more pictures of me with my boys. Doing what we usually do – playing, hanging out, going on walks – I want to be “in” those precious little moments that make up life.

I love fall, and it’s absolutely gorgeous in Northern Virginia. I love taking the kiddos out to beautiful paths and trails behind our community for some much-needed running, and playing, and nature-exploring. So, a couple of times I brought my camera along and got in the shots! I don’t ever bring a tripod, instead I just set the camera on whatever surface works – a bench, a bridge railing, or a playground structure. Eyeball exposure, double-check remote shutter release, set camera to burst mode, go! One of the best tricks for getting selfies with kids is give them the shutter control. They both LOVE pressing the button, and seeing the effect gets a big grin almost every time! Now, these pictures are not about me being a photographer and taking the ‘perfect’, wall-art-quality shot. These pictures real, imperfect, slightly out of focus – and I love them! Because in them – I am not a photographer, I am a mommy.

Reston family photographer_october2013_01

Reston family photographer_october2013_02

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