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Friends, meet baby P. When I photographed her last October, she came to my studio for an “older newborn” session. At the time she was, as far as I remember, about 8 weeks old. At this age babies are still in their “newborn” stage, they are still very little and have all their newborn features, but they no longer sleep as much, they are stronger and more alert to the world around. All this makes it more difficult to get traditional sleepy curled up newborn shots. My approach to photographing older newborns is to follow their lead in terms of how active or sleepy they will be during the session (although I will work with parents to help ease a sleepy baby to sleep to try and get some sleepy shots and poses), and to focus on their faces, expressions, eyes and features. Little Miss P. gave me a beautiful range of awake and asleep poses, and I just love how her session turned out (and I know mommy was excited too!).

Photographers often turn down “older newborns” saying that it is “past” the special newborn photography window when babies are still very sleepy, leaving parents feeling upset and disappointed. I believe that it is a very unfortunate trend in the  newborn photography industry, and while it is true that many older newborns will not “sleep and pose” for pictures, it is still absolutely possible to capture a beautiful variety of photos and get amazing images of your older newborn. So – if you are a mommy or a daddy to a baby who is 3-10 weeks old and you want ‘older newborn’ photos, contact me at . I’d love to capture your little one!

arlington va newborn photographer

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