McLean, NoVa, Newborn Photography Studio: Older Newborn Photo Session

Did you know that I am one of the very few photographers out there who offer “older newborn” photo sessions? Most photographers will tell you that they won’t photograph your newborn if he or she is older than 2 or 3 weeks, and will tell you of the so-called “window” during which they can photograph newborns.Let me break this down for you. True, most newborns will “curl up” and “pose” for sleepy shots in the first couple of weeks of life. Within a few short weeks of birth, newborns become a lot more alert and aware of their surroundings, they get stronger and like to stretch out, kick and wiggle! They also sleep less and stay awake more. This, in a nutshell, is the reason “traditional” newborn sessions are done in the first couple of weeks after birth.

I have worked with many “older” newborns (4 weeks and older) to offer special “older newborn” studio sessions, which take into account older babies’ physiology and reflexes and during which I still capture the “newborn” look of your baby and in many cases manage to get a combination of “asleep” and “awake” images. True, with older newborns it’s unlikely that I will deliver traditional curled up asleep poses, but there are still so many wonderful looks, poses and images that can be captured! Here are some examples from an “older newborn” session with a 2-month old baby boy.

If you have a newborn and somebody told you that you can’t get newborn photos done any more just because you missed the magic “window’ – please contact me, and we’ll talk!

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