Newborn Photographer in Ashburn: Session with Family J.

I recently posted a sneak peak for sweet baby boy N., whom I met for an at home newborn photo session in Ashburn, Va. So, I thought I’d post some more of my (and parents’) favorite images by way of a “show and tell”.

Mom wanted to get some traditional, low-key images with N., and Dad wanted to include a couple of “daddy” props in the session as well (initially we planned to use a baseball glove since Dad is a fan, but ended up using a football and a baseball cap instead…). Another priority was to get a family shot and a shot of the three kids all together (Newborn, Toddler Girl and Big Sister). Per my request, Mom had baby N. undressed, wrapped up in a warm blanket and fed right before my arrival, hoping that he’d fall asleep and we’d start our session by posing him and doing “asleep” shots. Turned out, N. got all excited watching all the fun props and a beanbag and backgrounds being set up, so instead we started off by doing some low-key shots on black background. I took several angles of “newborn in daddy’s hands” (below is one of my favorites – a sweet yawn!), and then I included them in a black and white collage.

father, daddy and newborn baby boy - photographer

  newborn baby in daddy

 Then, finally, looked like newborn N. started to get tired, so Mom cuddled up with him rocking him into sleep. In the meantime, I unpacked more of my props, tested and re-tested my light and managed to get a couple of unplanned candid shots of the girls. Toddler Girl was not yet quite dressed to have her pictures taken but she was playing around, curious about the props and backgrounds, so very cute with her sleepy hair and pjs! Big Sister was ready and was really really good in front of the camera! Later on, she was awesome posing with N. and holding him!

candid portrait image of toddler girl

A true model in the making:

child, girl, - photographer

About 10 minutes later, N. was asleep and ready to pose! A few shots with Mom and Dad and as a family for an “all together” portrait (Notice how we have N. all snug and happy and asleep while we do close up portraits and a family shot “around” him). We had Dad hold Toddler Girl because picture-taking was getting her all excited and she wanted to play (not take pictures). On my part, as a photographer, I had to pull out all the stops and mew and woof-woof and get silly behind the camera to make Toddler Girl look at me and giggle:)

mother and baby - photographer

family portrait - photographer

Then we used the football and a couple of cute baby boy hats:

baby boy asleep, sleeping on a football - photographer

N. was in deep sleep so we changed the set-up and turned him face up on his back and I swaddled him in a nice baby-blue wrap and posed him on soft white fur for a few close up portraits, which I then also put together as a collage:

Newborn photographer - baby in Clifton, VA, collage

After all that, N. was still “sleeping like a baby”, so we moved upstairs to parent’s bedroom and used the “rose fabric” I brought along (knowing that it would look great for a shot of all the three kids together – with two girls in the shot, it made sense!) on Mom and Dad’s bed (Toddler Girl thought it was very fun and Big Sister was real help setting up the fabric and holding her baby brother):

newborn baby, toddler sister and big sister portrait - photographer

Thank you so much for making everything go smooth during the session, family J.! You were all so wonderful to meet and I hope you’ll love your order!

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