Newborn Photography, Arlington, VA / Northern Virginia

A couple of weeks ago I went to meet baby I. at her Arlington, VA, home (I travel to Arlington quite a lot these days, don’t I? About half of my clients are within the beltway, and they are almost all either in Arlington or Alexandria, with an occasional Falls Church or McLean baby). Mom had a couple of specific ideas for the shots she wanted to get, so I thought I’d show a couple of them (they are my favorites too!). Mom and Dad are amazing athletes and baby girl I. was pretty strong, but she slept beautifully for most of the “must get” shots! Here she is, beautiful newborn Baby Girl I!

newborn baby girl in father

Mom wanted the session to get a couple of specific pictures of I. with Dad, so we started off by taking some classic and traditional “low-key” pictures on black background, Dad is also wearing black since it is how I get all those pictures of parent’s hands holding the baby.

dad and newborn baby girl on black background

Then we moved on to some skin-to-skin photos with Dad (Mom and Dad are inspirational athletes and I was very lucky to have Dad work with me on these shots below).

newborn baby girl in father

The “on the shoulder” pose is so sweet, it is one of my favorites – baby I. is so asleep and cozy on Daddy’s shoulder – she did so well! (FYI, this image is a composite! Baby I. was never for a second left unsupported and balancing on dad’s shoulder, Mom was standing right behind and supporting I. from behind to get this shot! )

newborn baby on father

newborn baby girl in mother

Mom wanted me to try and get I. posed with some of her fitness items, and this is the setup that worked the best. It really shows the size of a newborn too!

newborn baby asleep in a trench bowl on a textured blanket with props (fitness)

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