Oak Hill Newborn Photographer: December 2017

Running a successful photography business is only about 25% about photography. Clients often ask me how many sessions I do per week and why I can’t take on more than I typically do. The simple answer is – I just don’t have the time. There’s the editing, consults, studio maintenance, ordering, accounting (omg, don’t even get me started on how much I dislike accounting and all that goes with it), website upkeep, shipping and packaging, emails –  these are all “necessities” I can’t run my business smoothly without! Then, there are all these other things that are “niceties”, optional things that I can choose to do if I have time. Unfortunately, blogging is one of the “niceties” I would love to do more of, but I just don’t have much time for. Every year around New Year’s time I make a resolution to blog more, to post more sneak peeks, to share more tips, ideas, behind-the-scenes, articles and personal stories, and every year I more or less fail at it. So, I am trying again this year:)

I am going to start by sharing the last session of 2017! I was in the midst of my much-awaited Christmas break when a long-time client reached out to me with a last minute request. She just had a baby girl and decided she wanted a session! I had photographed her 1st baby, a boy, and then had him back in the studio for milestone photos, and she is one of my really favorite clients (some people you just really like, right?!) so I couldn’t say “no”. I scrambled to find a date that worked between Christmas and the New Year, and was so happy to see her and her sweet toddler and to meet their new addition for her newborn session. I think I got some really wonderful shots of this sweet little lady while her mommy and big brother got to have some quiet time – just the two of them – hanging out and playing quietly while I worked my magic.

We did some prop shots on the bed, in a bowl with flowers, and in a rustic wood crate with a teddy bear stuffie – love how they turned out, the bowl shot with flowers is my favorite!

oak hill newborn photographer_01


I also did some posed shots using a gray-pink color scheme, as suggested by Mommy, and couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out! With a combination some classic side-lying and tummy-lying poses, wrapped shots and portraits, the overall session really came together nicely. oak hill newborn photographer_02

Finally, some teddy bear magic! We did a teddy bear set up with her big brother, and I just had to have a teddy bear shot in the gallery for this little lady’s newborn photos!

oak hill newborn photographer_03If you like my newborn photography work, if you need beautiful photos of your newborn and if you are expecting in 2018 please email me at chasingmoments@gmail.com or call me (202) 251-6368 to schedule your newborn session. I am now booking clients with due dates into summer of 2018!

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