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In an effort to catch up with blogging and posting photos from recent sessions, here is one of my favorite sessions from this year. This mommy brought her gorgeous newborn baby girl from Ashburn to my McLean studio, and – oh, be still, my heart!

newborn baby side posing hand under cheek

newborn baby posing asleep on back

newborn baby asleep smile professional photographer nova

newborn baby side posing hand under cheek

tummy pose professional newborn photography

newborn baby asleep professional photos taken in mclean va

newborn baby asleep posed on white fur

professional newborn baby photographer in mclean va

Oh, wow, this is a long post, so many gorgeous photos to share! This was, by the way, a very simple session – three beanbag fabrics – white fur, black, and brown. And turned out so amazing! Also, I know I posted this earlier, but I thought I’d repost on here again – here is a look at wall art collages and arrangement I work up for my clients – makes me want to order all of them:)Photos look totally different when presented as collages or wall art and give clients a great idea what to order without any guess work.

professional newborn wall art collage in a room

wall art collage arrangement newborn images

This one is my absolute favorite!!! The client ordered this as a large wall arrangement, and so did I – the studio sample is now up in my McLean studio wall – come see what a 30 by 40 canvas looks like (and see for yourself that an 8×10 or even 16×20 is really tiny). But, jokes aside, I do custom rotations, touch ups, wrap arounds to make sure pictures go well together, canvases have perfectly wrapped around edges, and the sizing is right for everything.

custom professional photography studio in northern virginia nova newborn photographer

Phew! One long post – thanks for sticking with me!

There are so many amazing aspects to being a professional photographer (and a few not so amazing ones, like crunching numbers at tax time, yuck!)! I love making lasting connections and working with clients over time and capturing how their beautiful lives develop, I love meeting new people (especially new families, with new babies!), I love being able to capture their special moments and knowing that all my heart and soul I put into shooting and editing each and every session will bring lasting joy to my clients as desk prints, digital photos they may share with long-distance friends and relatives, and as wall art.

Living in the digital age, having a vast collection of digital photos on our computer or cell phone is a part of our daily lives. We all want those digital photos, we all love having them and occasionally going through them to re-live some of the wonderful and memorable moments. Unfortunately, for many of us (myself including), our digital photos mostly “collect dust”, so to speak, on our hard drives. One amazing and rewarding part of my job is knowing that my clients can get beautiful wall art for their homes, which they can enjoy every day!!!

As my husband put it the other day, pointing to the extensive collection of large canvases with our family photos throughout our home, “these canvases make our lives so much better”!  I know exactly what he means! Seeing canvases of beautiful photos of our family and our kids every day is a reminder of how much we love each other, how happy we are, and what’s important in life (which may be easy to forget some days in all daily grind that comes with having two little kiddos). I see smiling faces of my boys, and I sit down and play and snuggle with them instead of doing daily chores, answering emails or nagging them to clean up toys. Wall art is a daily reminder of happy times, and inspiration for the beautiful future we’ll build together!

A vast majority of my clients want to see proofs of collages and wall art to get an idea of how their pictures go together and what they may look like in their homes. Working with clients on fine tuning these collages and wall arrangements and then delivering final product to them is absolutely one of my favorite parts of my job! So, I thought I’d share some of my most recent work showcasing wall arrangements to a client:

enlargement canvas wall art from a newborn photo session

professional photography canvas wall art from a newborn photo session, collage

collage of newborn with mom and dad photos as canvas wall art

artistic black and white professional newborn photography collage