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One of my most popular product offerings are collages. They can be ordered as large or extra large prints or canvases, and they offer an amazing option for clients who are looking to include several images from the shoot within a single wall display without investing in separate wall pieces. When I style photo shoots, I choose colors and setups so they are complementary throughout the entire session so they can subsequently be combined within a single collage or a wall arrangement. They are beautiful and would look great in any part of your home!

Here is an example of a collage for a newborn baby girl from Falls Church, Northern Virginia, who I photographed last May (yes, yes, I am behind on blogging, I know!).  Every client gets to see a few sample arrangements including newborn setups and family shots in their proof gallery.

falls church newborn photographer_01And here is a mockup of what it would look like on a wall (cool, huh?):

newborn baby collage falls church photographer

If you like my work and want a photo session for your newborn baby, please contact me at  or call me at 202-251-6368 to schedule your session! I have years of experience photographing newborns and babies and I guarantee you’ll love the photos! For more examples of my work, please see newborn galleries on my website:

From the looks of my blog, it may seem that I only photograph newborns with an occasional outdoor or a themed mini session thrown in. Not true! I do a lot of child and baby photography at the studio! Babies come in for milestone sessions (rolling, sitting up, crawling, standing up), or for annual “birthday” sessions (my favorite  milestone birthday sessions are 1st year cake smashes – fun and yummy!!!). I just don’t post anything from my baby and kids session, but that’s going to change starting now. I met this sweet little lady when I was still in my (smaller) McLean studio, and this was actually the second time I photographed her (the first time she was barely a sitter), and I have since seen her a few more times in my Reston studio! Her mama and nana always bring in the most beautiful dresses and outfits. Those who know me – I am a mama of two boys, so it’s all shirts and jeans (oh, and mud and all kinds of dirt) – would tell you that it feels like Christmas every time I see parents bringing amazing outfits for their sweet little girlies.

Without further ado, here we go: mclean child photography_01 mclean child photography_02


The blog post below is from 2014.

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I am holding Christmas / Holiday studio mini sessions for babies/children in early November at my Reston, Northern Virginia, photography studio. These are great for holiday cards and updating your kids’ seasonal photos. I am thinking fancy holiday dresses and suits, cozy sweaters, Christmas jammies or just fun bold colors!

I will have two setups ready with several prop/look options (see the promo image below), and I am opening up THREE dates for these: November 6 and November 7 (Thursday and Friday, and should work out great for stay at home/work at home/part time mommies of babies and preschoolers) and November 9 (Sunday, for school aged kids). These will be short, 15-20 minute sessions, which (speaking from experience) is ideal both for kids who are “good posers” and who know how to work the camera, and for active curious toddlers with tons of energy who don’t like to sit still for more than a few seconds.

To book your session, please proceed to my online store, and click on your preferred date, and then select your preferred your select time from the drop down menu (UPDATE: most evening slots and some morning slots are already sold out so please book your session as soon as you decide!).

Christmas Mini Session Chasing Moments PHotography Northern VirginiaIf you have any questions, please email me at

“Back to School” fall mini sessions are here! They are $150 ($50 for each additional child) and will take place in my Reston, Northern Virginia studio. They will be quick, 10-minute sessions, in a school/classroom-themed setting, and include a gallery of 7-10 images for you to choose from, and 3 high resolution digital images of your choice via email.  These mini-sessions are most suitable for kids 2-7 years old.

When: September 15 and September 16, morning and early afternoon.

Please contact Olga at with any questions. TO BOOK YOUR SESSION please click here, select your preferred date/time from the drop down menu, and proceed to check out.

back to school mini sessions_northern virginia photography

You know that I DO photograph babies, toddlers and children in the studio, right? Not just newborns:)It was just pointed out to me that I do not have a gallery on my website that showcases examples of my kids studio sessions, so I’ll be working on putting one up in the next few weeks, I seriously do not know how I did not think about putting one up, my bad! In the meantime, let me share a few kids sessions:)I literally neglected babies and older kids when posting to the blog.

Now, enjoy meeting beautiful Miss S., who was about 6 months old at the time of the session. Mommy wanted a couple of pictures in a traditional kimono as well as a couple of shots in a dress and a casual outfit, and S. did so well for all of them!

studio baby photographer_00 studio baby photographer_01 studio baby photographer_01a studio baby photographer_02 studio baby photographer_02a studio baby photographer_03 studio baby photographer_04 studio baby photographer_05

Yes! I am moving!

When I started my journey as a studio photographer, I envisioned my cozy studio space in McLean as dedicated to newborn portraiture, with temperature control, lighting and staging setups designed for photographing wee little ones. Oh, it was a perfect plan! But, little did I know that I would end up photographing not only newborns, but their mommies and daddies, as well as 3-, 6-, 9- month old babies, 1 year birthday and cake smash sessions, active toddlers, families and holiday sessions. In other words, my work quickly outgrew my current space.

So, I am over-the-moon excited to announce that Chasing Moments Photography is moving to a new, bigger and better, studio space in RESTON. My new studio is currently used as offices, so when I move in on February 1, I will be renovating it completely to tear down the walls and build a dream studio, and I expect to welcome first clients there in mid-February. I will be expanding my session and product offerings in the months to come, and I hope to become Reston’s “go-to” photography studio for all maternity, newborn and baby sessions! (that was a shameless plug, I know:)

The location is to die for! The studio will be located on beautiful Bowman Green Drive, steps away from Reston Town Center and its many eating and entertainment options, across the street from two shopping plazas, and  next door to the new Reston high-rise (which now has a name – “The Harrison”), and less than a mile from the toll road.

In the days to come, I will be announcing a couple of special deals and promotions to welcome past and new clients to my new home! Stay tuned, as there will be definitely be great deals for all (wink wink! Reston residents!) Check back either here on my blog or on my facebook page.

Stay warm this weekend!


Did you know that I am one of the very few photographers out there who offer “older newborn” photo sessions? Most photographers will tell you that they won’t photograph your newborn if he or she is older than 2 or 3 weeks, and will tell you of the so-called “window” during which they can photograph newborns.Let me break this down for you. True, most newborns will “curl up” and “pose” for sleepy shots in the first couple of weeks of life. Within a few short weeks of birth, newborns become a lot more alert and aware of their surroundings, they get stronger and like to stretch out, kick and wiggle! They also sleep less and stay awake more. This, in a nutshell, is the reason “traditional” newborn sessions are done in the first couple of weeks after birth.

I have worked with many “older” newborns (4 weeks and older) to offer special “older newborn” studio sessions, which take into account older babies’ physiology and reflexes and during which I still capture the “newborn” look of your baby and in many cases manage to get a combination of “asleep” and “awake” images. True, with older newborns it’s unlikely that I will deliver traditional curled up asleep poses, but there are still so many wonderful looks, poses and images that can be captured! Here are some examples from an “older newborn” session with a 2-month old baby boy.

If you have a newborn and somebody told you that you can’t get newborn photos done any more just because you missed the magic “window’ – please contact me, and we’ll talk!

I recently had the honor to photograph this beautiful newborn baby girl, she was such a happy little lady and even gave me some beautiful smiles during the session. We had some standard shots with mommy and daddy and posed pictures of baby (oh, the bright colorful tutu mommy brought for her baby girl was to die for – a fun splash of color!), and then we also did a unique setup that mommy requested – she had a mermaid outfit that she brought in, and we put together an “ocean” look, which I think turned out very cute! Enjoy!

bright colorful tutu on newborn baby girl
close up picture of baby
newborn baby asleep professional picture
newborn photography for mermaid outfit with seashells
mommy and daddy

I recently met a super handsome Mr. H., who came to my McLean studio all the way from Bristow. He was getting close to his 1st birthday, and LOVED showing off his recently developed crawling skills:)He really-really wanted to get away from the set, or really-really wanted to have somebody hold him on the set, so getting beautiful portraits of him (other than lifestyle shots) was a bit of a challenge. He was really good at standing, but preferred standing with his back to the camera and not the other way around. But you know what, I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve and I got this handsome little man to give me the best smiles ever! Sooo cute, and look at those curls!

young baby boy close to 1 year old smiling at the camera

1 year old baby professional photography with antique bike

professional photographer for bristow va baby boy

photo session for baby boy in studio in nova


This little lady is officially one of the toughest newborn clients I’ve ever photographed; she really did not want to be photographed, awake or asleep, and her mommy (who also takes “the most patient client” award) and I worked really hard to help her settle down for a couple of shots. I think we got some gorgeous shots, and the sibling shot is one of my all time favorites.

newborn baby girl with crown swaddled

newborn baby girl with crown swaddled

newborn baby girl with pink rose headband swaddled

swaddled newborn photo

newborn asleep beautiful vintage headband professional photography

newborn sibling with toddler brother shot

(yes, all the newborn photos are swaddled, she would wake up and startle and get upset every time I tried to unwrap her)

A few weeks ago, I got to photograph this precious baby boy J. who came to my McLean studio from Alexandria. He was around 5 weeks old at the time of the session (so, no traditional “curled up, sleepy” poses), but we still got some precious photos of him alone and with family. Mom especially wanted to get photos with big brother, which we did, and we also got some great family shots, Mommy-and-me photos, and some images I traditionally do with newborns (baby in parents’ arms, the last two below), which are also easy to do with older newborns.

My favorite? The family shot! LOVE how the big brother is having a big belly laugh!

newborn baby awake

older newborn photography session

newborn baby sibling shot with toddler brother

newborn baby sibling shot with toddler brother

newborn with sibling and parents professional photo

newborn with mom posing photography studio

newborn black and w htie image in mother

newborn black and white image 5 week old

This is one of my most favorite recent baby sessions – I loved everything about it! Baby M. was 6 months old at the time, and could sit unsupported for short periods of time, so we did a combination of sitting, tummy time and mommy-and-me shots. M. is such a beautiful little lady, and her grandma brought along some special outfits and headbands for the session – oh, how I love working with little girls! We got lots of smiles and grins, she is just so gorgeous!

professional baby photo 6 month old

baby girl in navy outfit professional photographer

baby feet on white wood planks floor professional photo studio in mclean va

baby smiling tummy time professional photo

happy tummy time 6 month old baby

baby sitting on vintage bed, in bonnet, nova professional baby photographer

professional northern virginia baby photography studio - 6 month old baby in bonnet

professional baby photo, 6 month old baby smiling

professional baby photo, 6 month old baby sitting

In an effort to catch up with blogging and posting photos from recent sessions, here is one of my favorite sessions from this year. This mommy brought her gorgeous newborn baby girl from Ashburn to my McLean studio, and – oh, be still, my heart!

newborn baby side posing hand under cheek

newborn baby posing asleep on back

newborn baby asleep smile professional photographer nova

newborn baby side posing hand under cheek

tummy pose professional newborn photography

newborn baby asleep professional photos taken in mclean va

newborn baby asleep posed on white fur

professional newborn baby photographer in mclean va

Oh, wow, this is a long post, so many gorgeous photos to share! This was, by the way, a very simple session – three beanbag fabrics – white fur, black, and brown. And turned out so amazing! Also, I know I posted this earlier, but I thought I’d repost on here again – here is a look at wall art collages and arrangement I work up for my clients – makes me want to order all of them:)Photos look totally different when presented as collages or wall art and give clients a great idea what to order without any guess work.

professional newborn wall art collage in a room

wall art collage arrangement newborn images

This one is my absolute favorite!!! The client ordered this as a large wall arrangement, and so did I – the studio sample is now up in my McLean studio wall – come see what a 30 by 40 canvas looks like (and see for yourself that an 8×10 or even 16×20 is really tiny). But, jokes aside, I do custom rotations, touch ups, wrap arounds to make sure pictures go well together, canvases have perfectly wrapped around edges, and the sizing is right for everything.

custom professional photography studio in northern virginia nova newborn photographer

Phew! One long post – thanks for sticking with me!

This morning I had the privilege to photograph three sweet, beautiful newborn baby boys who came to my McLean studio from Falls Church; let me tell you – it was a marathon of feeding, burping, rocking, soothing and posing:)What an amazing experience, and I am sooooooo in awe of this family! Hope to see these little guys for their 1-year photos next year!

Meet newborn triplets D., H., and J.

triplets newborn babies professional photos in northern va nova

triplets newborn babies professional photos


My three-year-old Ryan is a huge fan of “Puff the Magic Dragon”. He knows all the words to the song, loves it at bedtime, “reads” the book with me every day and generally speaks of Puff as a good friend. Amazingly, for his age, he understands the entire story and a few days ago he talked about how Puff was so sad because Jackie wouldn’t come to play with him any more, and Puff was so lonely! Well, I got my little man a surprise – a huge stuffed “Puff”, and I wanted to make Puff’s arrival very special. So, this Monday I stole Rye-Rye for a few hours and took him to the studio “on an adventure to meet Puff”!!!

We read “Puff” and talked about his home Honalee, and decided to make a “home” for him with us, so we could be his friends and he wouldn’t be lonely any more. Rye loved the idea and decided that Puff loved the sun, clouds, the ocean, and boats.  So, off we went to create a “welcoming” new home for Puff. First, we made the sun and some clouds.

studio photography storytelling puff the magic dragon book

craft with a toddler boy storytelling puff the magic dragon

Then we made the ocean. I didn’t have enough supplies (especially glue) at hand to make a boat, so he just drew one.

crafts with toddler photography studio storytelling puff the magic dragon

Then I had Rye look through a spyglass to be on the lookout for Puff – Puff was coming!

crafts with toddler spyglass storytelling puff the magic dragon

In the meantime, I got Puff out of a special hiding spot and… Oh my God! I have never seen a happier little boy in my life! Seriously! I almost cried watching Ryan play with Puff!

crafts with toddler photography studio storytelling puff the magic dragon

From what I hear, Puff is no longer lonely, he lives “happily ever after with a new family”, and has “lots of friends to play with” and “everyone loves him”!

I finally got to meet beautiful baby L. today! “Finally” because our session was originally scheduled for last weekend, but got moved. Baby L. was quite alert for almost the first two hours of the session (and I was already getting worried about getting some of the “sleepy” shots Mom and Dad really wanted), and then magically went to sleep and let me get some beautiful shots!

newborn baby asleep in pink wrap

newborn baby photography macro feet

One of my all time favorite baby girl pictures – love the pink!

beautiful newborn baby asleep taco pose

And one more of Baby L. with a beautiful headband her Mommy found in my prop stash and wanted to use:

newborn baby asleep with headband in a bowl

I met newborn baby A. today for a morning session, and she gets the “best sleeper of the year” award from me! Slept for almost three hours through several prop changes on tummy and back, then for a couple of beanbag poses, and for some family shots! As a newborn photographer, I know how important variety of good poses and colors is to my clients, and I am so happy that we did super well with the photos today. Here are some of my favorites from the session!

professional posed picture of newborn baby asleep

professional posed picture of newborn baby asleep

professional posed picture of newborn baby asleep

professional posed picture of newborn baby asleep

professional posed picture of newborn baby asleep

professional posed picture of newborn baby asleep

professional posed picture of newborn baby asleep