My Everyday: March 2014

I am so excited to continue the journey of documenting some of my personal photos on this blog, and even more so excited because I am doing it as part of a blog circle with some amazing ladies from Light Inspired focusing on glimpses into our every day lives.

I am going to show you some of our “snow” pictures I shot at the playground behind our house! This is the first year my boys really got to enjoy snow, which we’ve been getting plenty of this year, and (aside from dressing two little boys into thousands of layers) we had so much fun digging in the snow, building snowmen and getting our winter spirit on!
Maxi, my little one, is a lot more open to being photographed than his big brother, so I naturally got a ton more pictures of him.

MyEveryDay_ChasingMoments_1403_01I must admit to a parenting fail – gloves on Maxi didn’t work too well, it’s mittens from now on!

MyEveryDay_ChasingMoments_1403_02 MyEveryDay_ChasingMoments_1403_03 MyEveryDay_ChasingMoments_1403_04And, we were done, ready to go home, cold and happy :)

MyEveryDay_ChasingMoments_1403_05Next, check out what everyday looks like for Laura of Shachmut Photography:)

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