Storytelling Adventure: Meeting Puff the Magic Dragon!

My three-year-old Ryan is a huge fan of “Puff the Magic Dragon”. He knows all the words to the song, loves it at bedtime, “reads” the book with me every day and generally speaks of Puff as a good friend. Amazingly, for his age, he understands the entire story and a few days ago he talked about how Puff was so sad because Jackie wouldn’t come to play with him any more, and Puff was so lonely! Well, I got my little man a surprise – a huge stuffed “Puff”, and I wanted to make Puff’s arrival very special. So, this Monday I stole Rye-Rye for a few hours and took him to the studio “on an adventure to meet Puff”!!!

We read “Puff” and talked about his home Honalee, and decided to make a “home” for him with us, so we could be his friends and he wouldn’t be lonely any more. Rye loved the idea and decided that Puff loved the sun, clouds, the ocean, and boats.  So, off we went to create a “welcoming” new home for Puff. First, we made the sun and some clouds.

studio photography storytelling puff the magic dragon book

craft with a toddler boy storytelling puff the magic dragon

Then we made the ocean. I didn’t have enough supplies (especially glue) at hand to make a boat, so he just drew one.

crafts with toddler photography studio storytelling puff the magic dragon

Then I had Rye look through a spyglass to be on the lookout for Puff – Puff was coming!

crafts with toddler spyglass storytelling puff the magic dragon

In the meantime, I got Puff out of a special hiding spot and… Oh my God! I have never seen a happier little boy in my life! Seriously! I almost cried watching Ryan play with Puff!

crafts with toddler photography studio storytelling puff the magic dragon

From what I hear, Puff is no longer lonely, he lives “happily ever after with a new family”, and has “lots of friends to play with” and “everyone loves him”!

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